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Baby Name Meaning
SamenPrecious Invaluable Happy Selfdisciplined
Sacchidananda cTotal bliss
Princy cPrince like
Prince cKing
Prabhat prabhatDawn Morning Brilliant
Maccha cKiller
Coshel cPerfect in Any Task
AzeezBeloved Friend Comrade Dear
AvtaarIncarnate Holy incarnation
AvleenDifferent Blessed by God
AvaninderLord of the earth
AttamjeetGod of spiritually
AtamjeetVictorious supporter
AshneerMeaning sacred water Amrit
ArvinderjitLord of wheels
ArshbirGod of Sky
ArmeetFriend of An enemy
ArinajeetHeroic without personality flaw
ArdamanCrusher of the evil
AprinderInfinite God of heaven
ApardeepLamp of the infinite
AnujpalFosterer of younger brother
AntarjotThe divine light within
AnoopbirBeauteous and brave
AniljotLight of air
AngangGod of Love
AneeshkourRelated with God
AndeepModest lamp
AnantjeetEndless victory
AnandsarEssence of bliss
AnandjotThe light ofbliss
AmreekCelestial God Nectar
AmeekVery Deep
AmarpreetImmortal Love of God
AmarpalImperishable protector
AmarjotThe immortal light
AmanroopThe embodiment of peace
AmaninderTranquil God of heaven
AmandevThe God of peace
AmalbirPure and brave
AmaanatTreasure Security Deposit
AlokpalPreserver of light
AklakshImperceptible Invisible God
AkhareeFrom gods word
AkalUstatPraise to timeless Eternal
AkaltatThe eternal reality

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