Top Baby Boy Names Starting With F

Explore Unique Baby Boy Names Starting With F With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
FutuhVictories Conquests
FurqanQuran Sharif Criterion
FurqaanQuran Sharif Criterion
FurooghSplendor Light Brightness
FujaiCompanion of prophet Muhammad
FuhaidLittle leopard
FudailLearned Scholar
FitahRight direction
FiruzSuccessful Turquoise Gem stone
FirojSuccessful Turquoise Gem stone
FirdosParadise Heaven Garden
FirdausParadise Heaven Garden
FirasahPerspicacity Acumen
FirasKnight Perspicacious
FikriThought Ideas
FihrStone pestle
FidyanPerson who makes sacrifice
FidaaRedemption or sacrifice
FerinWest wind
FerdnanThe Sunshine
FazlullahBounty of Allah
FazliKind Bountiful Graceful
Fazle RabbiBounty of my Lord
Fazle RabBounty of Lord
Fazle IlahiBounty of Allah
FazlFavor Grace Kindness
FaziuddinBounty of religion Islam
FazilAn accomplished person
FazalAccomplished Bountiful grace
FayyazGenerous Munificent
FayyadOverflowing Generous
FayisThe winner
FayekSurpassing Excellent Superior Outstanding
FaydBenefit Advantage Gain
FayazKind Gracious Extremely generous
FayaazKind Gracious Extremely generous
FawzyTriumphant Victorious

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