Top Baby Boy Names Starting With H

Explore Unique Baby Boy Names Starting With H With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
HuzayfahCurtailing Shortening Curtailed
HuzaifahCurtailing Shortening Curtailed
HuzaifaAn old Arabic name
HuthayfaOld Arabic name
HusseinIslamic thinker Saint Beautiful
HussainIslamic thinker Saint Beautiful
HusayniOf Husain Nisba relation
HusaynIn protection Security
HusamuddinSword of religion Islam
HusamuddawlahSword of the state
Husam Al DinSword of the faith
HusainIn protection Security
HurrahLiberal Free
HuraythSmall cultivator
HuraysA small cultivator
HunaynIslamic place
HunainIslamic place
HumdPraise of Allah
HumaydDiminutive of Ahmad Praised
HumamCourageous and generous
HumaidDiminutive of Ahmad Praised
HulaylOld Arabic name
HujjatArgument Reasoning Proof
HudhayfahOld Arabic name
HudhaifahOld Arabic name
HudhafahOld Arabic name
HubaishA well known bird
HoudA prophets name
HosniBeauty Excellence
HoomanGood soul Good natured
HirasScratching Scraping
HiradAppearing fresh and healthy
HimayatProtection Safeguarding
HilmiGentle Calm
HillahShower of rain
Hilal HilelThe new Moon
HilalThe new Moon
Hifzur RahmanRemembrance of the beneficent

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