Top Baby Boy Names Starting With I

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Baby Name Meaning
Izz UdeenMight of the faith
Izz Al DinMight of the faith
IzumObedient Sincere
IzazuddawlahHonor of the state
IyasCompensation Consoling
IyaasCompensation Consoling
IyaadGenerous A big mountain
ItsafThe one who praise
IthaarSelflessness Preference
ItbanCensured Blamed
IstifaTo choose To prefer
IsratAffection Happy
IsrarInsist Never gives up
Isma'ilGod will hear
IsmahPreservation Infallibility
IsmaaelA prophets name
IslamSubmission to Allah
IskandarDefender of mankind
IskafiIskaf is a shoemaker
IshtiyaqLonging Craving
IshtiyakLonging Craving
IshatSuperior Eminence
IshaqProphet name
IsbahaniFrom isbahan
IsarSelflessness Eminent Fascinating
IsamProtector Safeguard
IsaarSelflessness Eminent Fascinating
IsaamProtector Safeguard
Irtiza HusainApproval of Husain
IrshadSignal Guidance Guiding hand
IrshaadSignal Guidance Guiding hand
IrhsadCommand Mandate
IrfanKnowledgeable Thankfulness
IrfaanKnowledgeable Thankfulness
IraqRiver bank
IqtidarPower Office Authority
IqraamHonor Hospitality Generosity
IqbalGlory Destiny Desire
IntikhabSelection Choice
IntezarTo wait

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