Top Baby Boy Names Starting With L

Explore Unique Baby Boy Names Starting With L With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
LutfullahKindness of Allah
LutfiKind and friendly
LutA prophets name lot
LuqmanA prophets name
LuqmaanA prophets name
LubaydOld Arabic name
LubaidOld Arabic name
LodhiA famous afghan tribe
LiyaqatWorth Deserving Merit
LisanuddinLanguage of religion Islam
LimazahA narrator of Hadith
LibanSuccessful Charmed
LiaquatDecorum Decency Competence
LazimahSought after
LayyinTender Resilient
LaythLion Famous
LayiqProper Worthy Capable Clever
LayeeqProper Worthy Capable Clever
LatifKind Elegant
LateefKind Elegant
LaskharSoldier Army
LajlajCompanion of prophet Muhammad
LaithLion Famous
LaiqAble Fit Deserving
LahanLittle bright headed one
LahamIntuition Conjecture Wisdom
LaeeqAble Fit Deserving
LabidA companion
LabibSensible Intelligent
LabeebSensible Intelligent
LovpremLove of adoration
LovpreetLove for adoration
LovleenAbsorbed Imbued Infused
LovdeepAttachment to illumination
LoksewakAbsorbed in serving others
LokraajRule of the people
LokpremOne who loves people

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