Top Baby Boy Names Starting With P

Explore Unique Baby Boy Names Starting With P With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
Princy cPrince like
Prince cKing
Prabhat prabhatDawn Morning Brilliant
PurdilBrave Fearless
PujmanDesire Wish
PorushatFilled with happiness
Pir MohammedHoly prophet
PirSaint Spiritual guide Wise
PerzoDeserving Well wishing
PervaizFortunate Happy
PaywastunConnection Someone who connects
PatmanMan of honor
PatangButterfly Kite
ParyanFairy like
ParwezVictorious peace Luck
ParvizFortunate Happy Victorious
ParvezVictorious peace Luck
ParinoushEternally beautiful
ParinazCharming and beautiful
ParigolFairy like flower
PareesanExtremely beautiful
ParangGleam of a jewel
PamirMountain range
PalankPanther Leopard
PushpreetLove for flowers
PushpinderGod of flower
PurbhjeetVictory with the God
PuranpreetPerfect Love Complete Love
PupinderjeetVictory with lords Love
PunamjeetVictory in fullmoon night
PrithvipalBeloved cherisher Protector
PrithvinderLord of the earth
PrithipalBeloved cherisher Protector
PritampalProtector of the beloved
PritamjitVictory of the beloved
PritamhariLonging for beloved God
PremwantFull of Love

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