Top Bengali Baby Girl Names Starting With R

Explore Unique Bengali Baby Girl Names Starting With R With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
RenjithGoddess Lakshmi Victory
RitilCreeper of Love
RutujaRelated with season
RushmathiRed haired
RupriyaBeautiful pretty
RupeshwariGoddess of beauty
RupasiBeautiful Beautiful lady
RupashiBeautiful Beautiful lady
RupaliPretty Beautiful Shapely
RupalMade of silver
RunzunSweet music
RunjhunA pleasing musical sound
RunaliRed Coloured Lakshmi
RukumaniGod name
RukshinyHindu God name
RuhinSpiritual Sacred Divine
RuhaniSpiritual Sacred Divine
RoshniBrightness Light Brilliance Law
RoshikaNever forgotten by people
RoshaniBrightness Light Brilliance Law
RootraGoddess Durga Devi
RoopaliPretty Beautiful Shapely
RoopalMade of silver
RooniGods obligation Gift
RonikaTrue image Truth
RomicaPrincess of Heart
RiyanshikaName of Goddess
RiyankaBeautiful Lovable Symbol
RitwikaPrincess Moon Priest
RitishaGoddess of truth
RithwikaSoft Cool
RithishaGoddess of truth
RithikaA small river Stream
RithekaA small river Stream
RisvaNoble Great Lord Indra
RisitaThe best Saintly Learned
RishuTo rise Honest
RishitaThe best Saintly Learned
RiparnaLeaf of sacred bael
RipaMaster of the mountains
RionaRoyal Queenly Celtic

If you are looking for a Top & Modern Bengali Baby Girl Names Starting With R with meaning, browse our latest 2021 collection of unique Bengali Baby Girl Names Starting With R which is a perfect blend of unique, tradition and modern.

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