Top Hindi Baby Girl Names Starting With P

Explore Unique Hindi Baby Girl Names Starting With P With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
PutanaBlowing Hard Demon
PushyajaBorn from flower
PushpavathiDecorated with flowers
PushpasriBunch of flowers
PushpalataFlower creeper Flower
PushpagandhaJuhi flower
PurvajaElder sister Complete
PurvaEarlier One Elder East
PunithaLove Pure Sacred Devout
PuneetaLove Pure Sacred Devout
PunarnavaA star
PujithaTo be worshipped
PujeethaTo be worshipped
PruthaDaughter of earth
ProsmitaQuite girl
PriyavadhanaLovable face
PriyasmitaBest friend
PriyanvadaOne who speaks nicely
PriyansiLovable Dear Loving
PriyanshiLovable Dear Loving
PriyaniLoved One
PriyangiGoddess Lakshmi Lovely body
PriyangaLover of Sharmila
PriyajananiMother with Love
PritilataA creeper of Love
PrijaGoddess of good wishes
PreshtiRay of light
PreritaOne who inspires
PrenithaA gift from God
PrekshyaLooking at Observing
PrekshaViewer Beholding Viewing
Preetha LakshmiHappy
PreetalLoved one
PreekshaViewer Beholding Viewing
PrayernaBhakti Worship
PrayaPlace of sacrifice Allahabad
PravyaLord Shiva
PraviLord Hanuman

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