Top Marathi Baby Girl Names Starting With H

Explore Unique Marathi Baby Girl Names Starting With H With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
Houmesha HoumeshaThe Ray of gold
HumsihaGoddess Saraswati Luckiest girl
HritvikaJoy of Love
HrishikaThe village of birth
HolikaLighting of ceremonial fire
HitiLove and care
HiteeLove and care
HitarthiLove Good thinking
HitansiSimplicity and purity
HitanshiSimplicity and purity
HitakshiExistence of Love
HiranmayeeGolden girl Deerlike Golden
HiranmaMade of gold Golden
HindaIndia Female deer
HimaadriSnow mountain The himalayas
Hima BinduSnow drop Dew drop
HidimbaName of a rakshas
HethanshriA part of Love
HetarthiLove Good thinking
HemitaCovered with gold
HemasriOne with golden body
HemashriOne with golden body
HemashreeOne with golden body
HemantiWinter Early winter
HemangniGirl with golden body
HemalataGolden creeper Golden wine
HemagniGoddess Parvati Golden body
HemaadriMountain of gold
Hema LathaGolden or beautiful
HeeranyaGold Golden Wealth
HatishaWith no desire
HasikaSmiling Gregarious Funny Delightful
HashikaSmiling Gregarious Funny Delightful
HasanthiOne that delights
HarleyHare meadow
HarleenAbsorbed in God
HarishaCultivator Lioness Happiness
HarinikaGoddess of Vasu
HarineeDeer Goddess Lakshmi
HarijaFair haired Blonde
HarigangaGanga of Lord Vishnu
HardiniNear of heart
HansujaGoddess Lakshmi Swan
HansiInnocent Swan Soul Pure
HanshikaSwan or beautiful lady
HansdhwaniVocal sound of swan
HansanandiniDaughter of a swan
HirPowerful Power Diamond Darkness
HrudkamaliName of a Raga
HiranyaGold Golden Wealth

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