Top Marathi Baby Girl Names Starting With I

Explore Unique Marathi Baby Girl Names Starting With I With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
IndrasenaDaughter of king Nala
IrajaDaughter of the wind
IvanshikaGrace of God
IvaankaGod is gracious
IsharaProtection of Hari
IshanyaEast North east
IravatiLightening Ravi river
IpsitaGoddess Lakshmi Desired
IpshitaGoddess Lakshmi Desired
IndusseetalaCool like the Moon
IndusheetalaCool like the Moon
IndarupiniName of Goddess Gayatri
ImaaniTrustworthy Faithful Honest Truthful
IllishaQueen of the earth
IlavalagiYoung and beautiful
IjayaSacrifice Offer Teacher Divine
IhithaDesire Prize Effort
IditriOne who praises Complimentary
IdhitriOne who praises Complimentary
IdhayaHeart Goddess Parvati
IdayaHeart Goddess Parvati
IbbaniFog Honey dow
IrikaDimunitive for the earth
IndumukhiWith moonlike face
IndukalaDigit of the Moon
IndrakshiOne with beautiful eyes
IndrajaDaughter of Lord Indra
IlvikaDefending the earth
IlvakaDefending the earth
IleshaQueen of the earth
IjyaSacrifice Offer Teacher Divine
IndudalaCrescent Moon
IipsithaDesired Wished
IndubalaLittle Moon
IndulekshThe Moon
InduprabhaMoon rays
IlampiraiYoung crescent
IlavenilSpring Youthful
IndumauliMoon crested
InkuraliSweet voice
IndulalaMoon light
IndulekhaThe Moon
IncharaSweet voice
InakshiSharp eyed
IlinaVery intelligent
IncharSweet voice
IswaryaGods prosperity

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