Top Oriya Baby Girl Names Starting With C

Explore Unique Oriya Baby Girl Names Starting With C With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
Cinthana cAlways smiling
Chandra VadanaThe Moon
Cauvery cName of a river
ChumkiDecorative Star Sitara
ChndrajaDaughter of the Moon
ChitrathiA bright chariot
ChitrarathiWith a bright chariot
ChitranshiPart of big picture
ChitrangiWith a Charming Body
ChitragandhaA fragrant material
ChhavviReflection Image Radiance
ChhaviReflection Image Radiance
ChhabiReflection Image Radiance
ChetalHaving life Vitality
CheshtaaTo try Desire
CheshtaTo try Desire
CheenaPure white marble
ChayaShadow Shade Reflection
ChaturviGods Prasadam
CharutaBeautiful girl Loveliness
CharusmitaOne having beautiful smile
CharunetraOne with beautiful eyes
CharanyaGood Attitude
CharaniA bird Nomad
CharaQuiet and frisky
ChangunaA good woman
ChandravathiLit by the Moon
ChandravadanaMoon faced Goddess Lakshmi
ChandrasahodariSister of the Moon
ChandrapushpaStar Moon light
Chandrakali116th of the Moon
ChandrajaDaughter of the Moon
ChandrabaliFriend of Lord Krishna
ChandaniA river Moon light
ChanchariBird Vortex of water
ChanasyaDelighting Pleasant Wonderful
ChampikaLittle Champa flower
ChampamaliniGarland of Champa flower
ChampakavathiOwner of Champak trees
ChampakaliA bud of Champa
ChaitraNew bright lightaries sign
ChainikaSpecially selected Chosen one
ChahetiLovely Lovable for all
ChahanaLonging Desired Affection
ChaarviBeautiful girl Beautiful woman
ChittaranjaniName of a Raga
ChitrangadaOne of Arjuna wives
ChitramalaSeries of pictures
ChitraliA row of pictures

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