Top Punjabi Baby Girl Names Starting With P

Explore Unique Punjabi Baby Girl Names Starting With P With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
PadmalayaLake of lotuses
PurandhriSame as Gayatri
PremjyotiLamp of Love
PreetinderGod of Love cupid
PrabhsimranAdmiration of God
PrabhsimarOne who remembers God
PrabhseetalAttaining peace through God
PrabhgunOne having godly merits
PrabhgeetSongs of God
ParvinderGod of the gods
ParamsukhSupreme Joy and bliss
ParamseetalMost peaceful and Happy
ParamlivAbsorbed in the highest
ParamgunHaving highest virtues
ParamgiaanTrue knowledge
PalvinderMoments spent with Lord
PrabhgiaanDivine knowledge
ParamsimranHighest worship
PrabhatkiranMorning Ray
PremsiriGreatest Love
PadmashriDivine lotus

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