Top Tamil Baby Girl Names Starting With M

Explore Unique Tamil Baby Girl Names Starting With M With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
ManayiWife of Manu
MistySweet person Sweet Surgery
MaiyaLittle girl
MonicaCounsel Advisor Solitary
MayraBeloved Favorable Admirable Marvellous
MonikaCounsel Advisor Solitary
MythradeviGoddess of truth
MyshaHappy for entire life
MuthunagaiSmiles like a Pearl
MutholiShines like a Pearl
MuniyaName of a bird
MullaiFlower with Lovely fragrance
MrunaliniIntelligent lotus
MrudaGoddess Parvati Affectionate
MrinmayDeers eye
MriganayaniDoe eyed
MoulikaThe original Love
MoubaniA flower
MonpritiHeart lover
MoneshaaIntelligent Lord Krishna
MohitaAttracted Infatuated Bewildered
MohanasriAttractive Charming
MohanapriyaLoving Attractive charming
MistiSweet person Sweet Surgery
MisthiSweet person Sweet Surgery
MishtySweet person Sweet Surgery
MishthiSweet person Sweet Surgery
MishkaGift of Love
MishitaGoddess Laxmi Sweet person
MisheetaGoddess Laxmi Sweet person
MishayeGift of Love
MishaHappy for entire life
MiriumWished for child
MinnoliBrilliant like lightning
MinaxiHave eyes as fish
MinalPrecious gem Stone
MeghanaCloud River ganges
MeghamalaArray of clouds
MeerajaCombination of Meenakshi natrajan
MedhyaMighty Clean Fresh
MedhaviWise Very intelligent
MedhaaviWise Very intelligent

If you are looking for a Top & Modern Tamil Baby Girl Names Starting With M with meaning, browse our latest 2022 collection of unique Tamil Baby Girl Names Starting With M which is a perfect blend of unique, tradition and modern.

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