Top Tamil Baby Girl Names Starting With V

Explore Unique Tamil Baby Girl Names Starting With V With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
VaidarbhiWife of Lord Krishna
VidyadhariHighly qualified Most brilliant
VidwathHighly qualified Most brilliant
VijulA silk cotton tree
VyshnaviWorshipper of Lord Vishnu
VyjayantiGarland of Lord Krishna
VyjayanthiGarland of Lord Krishna
VyanjanaRhetorical suggestion
VyadhinashiniVanquisher of ailments
VrutikaSuccess in life Thought
VruthikaSuccess in life Thought
VrustyRainfall Heavy rain
VrustiRainfall Heavy rain
VrushangiInspire of Beauty
VrndavanesvariQueen of vrndavana
VritikaSuccess in life Thought
VritekaSuccess in life Thought
VrindavaniName of a Raga
VivikshaIntelligent Smile Something Special
VividayudhadharaBearer of various weapons
VivaFull of life
VithikaPath between trees
VistariniA Goddess
VismitaWonderment Amazement Wondering
VishwajananiMother of the universe
VishmaGoddess Parvati Very special
VishalniBeautiful Loveable
VirendriGoddess of beauty
ViranganaBrave lady Rani laxmibai
ViraliPriceless Valuable Rare Precious
Vinu PriyaThe powerful mind beloved
VineelaMoon light Black Sky
VindhyavasiniResident of the vindhyas
VindeTo get something
VindaTo get everything
VinatiPrayer Request Humility
VinataHumble Mother of Garuda
VinantiPrayer Request Humility
VinanthiPrayer Request Humility
VinaMusical instrument Lightning Lute
VimalauttkarshiniOne who provides Joy
VikishaTo win To conquer

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