Top Telugu Baby Girl Names Starting With J

Explore Unique Telugu Baby Girl Names Starting With J With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
JyotishaKnowledge of light
JyotikaLight A flame Brilliant
JyothirmaiLight in life
JumaBorn on a friday
JuhiA flower Jasmine Light
JuanaGift from God
JoyshreeJoy Happiness Joyful Pleasure
JothikaSun Light Light
JothiLamp removes dark ness
JosmithaBrave Intelligent
JiyanaGod is gracious Strength
JiyaHeart Sweet heart
JilavSweet Cute
JigyashaCuriosity to know things
JigyaCuriosity to know
JigrukshaThe hope for knowledge
JigiGoddess Laxmi To conquer
JhanaviGanga the river
Jeya KumariQueen of victory
JessiGift of God
JesriVictory Right Singing
JeshriVictory Right Singing
JenyaTruth Original Noble
JensiGod has blessed
JennishaDispeller of ignorance
JenikaGods gracious gift
JencyGod has blessed
JemishaQueen of night
JelaxmiGoddess of victory Star
JeiyaSweet heart To live
JehannazPride of universe
JegathaTruth of the world
JeevneeLife Auto biography
JeevanlataCreeper of life
JeevankalaArt of life
JeevaniLife Auto biography
JeethikaJewess Woman of judea
JeeteshiGoddess of victory
JeelSilent lake Jharna
JaysreeThe Goddess of victory
JayshriThe Goddess of victory
JayshreeThe Goddess of victory
JayraniVictory of the queen
JayotiOne who wins
JayneGift from God Victorious
JaynaVictory Good character
JayminiAn ancient philosopher
JayantikaGoddess Durga Goddess Parvati

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