Top Telugu Baby Girl Names Starting With T

Explore Unique Telugu Baby Girl Names Starting With T With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
TejshriOf divine powers
TrusharThirsty for someone
TwishaBright Light Brilliance
TweetySinging bird
TvishaBright Light Brilliance
TveshaBrilliant Glittering Beautiful Impulsive
TvesaBrilliant Glittering Beautiful Impulsive
TustiSatisfaction Peace Happiness
TushitaPeace Happiness Satisfied
TusharkanaA particle of snow
TulsilataSacred plant Basil
TuliFine paint brush
TritiyaA River
TritiA moment in time
TrishikaGoddess Lakshmi Trident
TrishalanaA river in heaven
TripuriGoddess Parvati Three cities
TriparnaLeaf of sacred bael
TrinayaniGoddess Durga Three eyed
TriguniThe three dimensions
TridharaThe river Ganga
ToshikaAlert child Clever child
ToralA folk heroine
TitikshaPatience Forgiveness Tolerance
TisyaAuspicious A star Lucky
TinkaSmall grass of life
TilottamaA celestial maiden
ThumriLight classical melody
ThridhaName of Goddess Durga
ThiyaGift of God
ThitikshaPatience Forgiveness Tolerance
ThirthaHoly water Pilgrimage centers
ThenralCool breeze Encouraging
ThenmoliSpeaks sweet like Honey
ThejalLustrous Energetic Gifted Brilliant
TharanikaGod for earth
TharaniThe earth Boat
ThanyasriOf the Family
ThanusiyaA great devotee
ThanshikaSouth Queen
ThanishthaLoyal Sincere dedicated Devoted
ThamilselviPride of the tamilians
ThaariniEnabling to crossover
TejuFull of light

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