Top Baby Girl Names Starting With C

Explore Unique Baby Girl Names Starting With C With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
CelmiraBrilliant one
CantaraSmall bridge
Cinthana cAlways smiling
Chandra VadanaThe Moon
Cauvery cName of a river
Chavi ChaviRay of light Reflection
CatharynShe is pure
CatharinusA pure one
CathandraA magical phrophetess
CaterinA pure woman
CatarinaUnsullied and genuine woman
CataleyaA pure phrophetess
CassondraAn unheeded phrophetess
CassiopeaA Greek mithology name
CassiniA small dwelling place
CassieA vain young woman
CassiaAn empty, vain woman
CasseAn alert woman
CassandreaShe who excells
CassadyA curly haired girl
CasimiraShe who proclaimed peace
CasildaA dwelling place
CasidiA brainy, smart girl
CasidheA clever woman
CashlynnA vain girl
CashlinA very vain woman
CascataLike a waterfall
CasandraA famous phrophetess
CarynnShe of pure nature
CaryneAn unsullied, pure woman
CarynTo be contemporaty, modern
CarryA song, a carol
CarrolineA little free woman
CarrolinA full grown champion
CarrissaA very dear woman
CarrinaA little darling
CarrieannA noble strong girl
CarrieA strong woman
CarriannaA dear noble wife
CarraA dear, beloved lady
CarolyneA joyous song
CarolineA blissful, happy song
CaroleA strong female
CarmyaA tender song
CarmellianaA noble golden girl
CarmellaA woman of gold
CarmelineA golden girl

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