Top Baby Girl Names Starting With E

Explore Unique Baby Girl Names Starting With E With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
EshmaalBunch of red roses
EshaalFlower of Jannat paradise
ErinaBeautiful lady
ErajMorning light
EmranProgress Achievement
EmmaWhole Complete
ElizaUnique Precious
ElijahBeautiful Sweet Smart
ElhamInspiration Revelation
EimaanFaith Fearless
EilnazMost beautiful
EilinChampion Lovable
EihaaTo inspire
EkaparanaWife of Himalaya
Eristythe best or harvest.
EristaLatin word for harvest.
Erinnameans Ireland.
ErihapetiHelper or supporter
Eriellion of god.
Eriannasilver in Welsh language.
ErianaWelsh word for silver.
Eriansomeone from Ireland.
Erhia musical instrument.
Ereshvaa righteous being.
Erenia peaceful woman.
Erendiraa princess of peace.
Erenait means peace.
Erelaangel on earth.
ErdenechimegJewel ornament
Erdaearth in German language.
Eravatidaughter of the ocean.
Eratomuse of erotic poetry.
ErantheSpring flower
Eramansomeone honourable.
EponiEbony or black
Eponasomeone who protects horses.
Ephrathabundance or fruit bearing.
Ephiewell spoken.
Eostregoddess of the dawn.
Eosthe meaning is dawn.

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