Top Baby Girl Names Starting With G

Explore Unique Baby Girl Names Starting With G With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
GulsanaUnbelievable flower
GulnazCute like a flower
GuljanGul flowers Jan life
GulistanRose garden Garden
GuleenOne with beautiful smile
GuldinOut of flowers
GulchinName of a flower
GulbanoPrincess of flowers
Gul WarinDerived from gulwari
Gul RukhRoseface
Gul RuRosyfaced
Gul PanrhaFlower petal
Gul NasreenForest flower
Gul MinaLovely flower
Gul MehtabMoonlike flower
Gul JanGul flowers Jan life
Gul IzarRosycheeked
Gul ChehraBeautiful like flower
Gul BargRose petal
Gul BaharRose Spring
Gul BadanBeautiful body resembling rose
Gul AzraVirgin or maiden
GhuzayyahA narrator of Hadith
GhusoonBranches of a tree
GhusnBranch Twig
GhizlanFrom gazelle
GhitbahA narrator of Hadith
GhinaSinging Song
GhaziyahFemale warrior
GhaziyaFemale warrior
GhazalaGazelle A young deer
GhaydaaYoung and delicate Soft
GhaydaYoung and delicate
GhatiyaDynamic Moving
GhasnaBud Blossom
GhaniyaRich Wealthy Prosperous
GhaniaBeauty Beautiful girl
GhaneemahSpoils Booty

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