Top Baby Girl Names Starting With R

Explore Unique Baby Girl Names Starting With R With Meaning.

Baby Name Meaning
RuwaydahWalking gently
RuwaydaWalking gently
RuwaidaWalking gently
RushdiyaRightly guided
RushdaGood news
RuqayaName of prophets daughter
RuqaPretty Beautiful
RunaSixth month
RummanPl of Rummana Pomegranate
RumehaBeautiful stone
RumanaRomantic Loving
RumailahOld Arabic name
RukhshanaBeautiful Bright Brilliant Shining
RukhsaraLoving Charming face
RukhsarCheek Face
RukhsanaBeautiful Bright Brilliant Shining
RukhsaarCheek Face
RukanSteady Confident
RuhmaKind Merciful
RuhinaSweet fragrance
RudainahOld Arabic name
RubiyaSpring season
RozminRose flower
RozinahDaily wages Pension Reward
RozaGarden Meadow Paradise
RoyaDream Vision
RoushanaLight Brightness
RoshinaOne who gives light
RoshanakLustrous Bright Dawn
RoobiRuby Pearl
RonaShining light
RomeesaHeavens beauty
RojaGarden Meadow Paradise
RoheenIron Rising

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