Top Urdu Baby Names List

Explore Unique Urdu Baby Names List With Meaning.

Baby Name Gender Meaning
AllahdittaBoyGod gifted
BarirBoyFaithful, Honest
BarsaatBoyWelcome rain
TaaqulBoyClever thought
MaGirlThe heights
BasmGirlGrin, smile,
BasmahGirlA Smile
BasmatGirlA Smile
BasiraGirlWise. Intelligent, intellectual
BasirahGirlVision; Sight, visualization
BasoosGirlShe was the Daughter
BassimaGirlA Smile, blissful, pleasurable
BaysanGirlto walk with pride
EnessGirlqueen of beauty.
EngyGirla beautiful queen.
FeiyazGirlOne who reached success
BasmaGirlA Beam, Shaft of light
BeebeeGirlWife; the settlement of Bee
BeenaGirlA musical instrument; a far sighted human being
HaseenUnisexBeautiful, Handsome, Smart
HaujamatGirlRed Rose
HawadahGirlPleasant, enjoyable
HawiyaGirlDominant, Governing

If you are looking for a Top & Modern Urdu Baby Names with meaning, browse our latest 2021 collection of unique Urdu baby names which is a perfect blend of unique, tradition and modern.

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