Bedtime Beauty Tips For Healthy Skin

Following a bedtime routine can help retain beauty of your skin, making you look younger revealing your inner beauty.

Updated: October 17, 2018

Sleep is the time when your body heals itself, repairs the damaged cells, reduces the impact of pollution, environment and sun on your skin. It is the time when your body rejuvenate itself. So, simply washing your face or putting on some moisturizer won't help. You need to follow a bedtime routine that can help retain beauty of your skin, making you look younger revealing your inner beauty.
You shouldn't be waiting for the first signs of aging or wrinkles to start these habits. Simply give few minutes to your skin and try these beauty tips that produce noticeable effects in just a few days. Follow these bedtime habits to keep your skin glowing & young.

Remove Your Makeup:

As your skin heals and repairs itself in the night, make sure to remove your makeup before hitting your bed. Your pores open up this time and the skin needs to breathe overnight. Makeup such as a layer of pancake foundation, mascara or blush on the skin is there, the pores will get clogged, and won't get any air. This will prevent skin repairing. In fact, it can cause acne breakouts. It may cause blemishes and blackheads also. Put some olive oil on a cotton pad and gently massage the oil onto your face to remove the makeup and dirt.
Use a good quality scrubber for your skin to remove the layers of dead skin at least once or twice a week. A paste of walnut powder or scrubber will be a effective one. The antioxidants present in walnuts help remove dirt and promote radiant skin. This will result in a more healthy glow and brighter skin.

Apply Purifying masks:

Try purifying masks before bedtime every once or twice in the week for a beautiful skin. You can use homemade masks for facial acne, pimples, dull and dry skin or other issues.

Take Warm Bath:

Having a bath an hour before sleep can help in better sleep and results in better skin. You can try the warm and cozy bath, use bath salts at night or simply use some scented shower gel that will soothe your mind and body. A good sleep acts as a natural facial for your skin.

Use Toner:

Always use a toner, whether cosmetic or natural before going off to bed. Toner will help in balancing the pH levels of your skin. It will also reduce the appearance of larger pores and protect your skin against bacteria, dust or other impurities. You can use anything from rose water or other moisturizing toners available in the market.

Apply Eye Cream:

The earliest sign of wrinkles is often seen near the eyes. Avoid dark, puffed skin and crow's feet by applying eye cream every day. Dark circles can also be avoided by applying eye cream. It will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give your skin a brighter look throughout the day. Always opt for lightweight eye brightening and moisturizing creams.

Brush Your Teeth:

Brushing and flossing your teeth just before you go to sleep is a great way to have the beautiful smile throughout the day. Always brush your teeth after having your last meal. This will protect your mouth from germs, cavities, and infections. You can even use the oil pulling method to protect your dental health.

Moisturize your feet:

Throughout the day we walk in our shoes which may make us feel uncomfortable. So, we must aim to give our feet some time to relax at night. You can reduce lines on the feet or cracks on the heels by moisturizing the feet with some moisturizer or petroleum jelly every night. These can lock the moisture inside and promotes healing of cracked and chapped skin on the feet.

Apply Moisturizer in your Face:

Most of us forget to wash our face before going to bed. Wash your face before going to the bed and apply moisturizer to the skin. This will help in locking moisture in the skin and protect the growth of new skin cells. You should include this in your routine as a habit.

Use Hand Lotion:

Apply some hand lotion just before you go to the bed as excessive hand washing and regular bathing can be harsh on your palms and skin.

Important Tip for a healthy and glowing skin:

Different skin types have different needs and different problems. It is important to identify your skin type and take care of it accordingly. So, you can decide the product that perfectly suits your skin. Using the wrong products for your skin can increase the rate of aging of your skin as well as increase skin barrier damage. It can also lead to loss of skin glow.
  • For oily skin you should always keep your face clean. This helps reducing excessive oil which in turn will reduce your skin problems such as acne, blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads, and dark spots.
  • For dry skin using use hot water while taking a shower can cause wrinkles. So always try to avoid the use of hot water.
  • Troubles of both the skin types will be face by a women having a combination skin. This will depend on the climatic conditions and also which skin type is more dominant on your face. So be careful while choosing a moisturizer for your skin as too much moisturizer will cause problems with the oily zone and less of it will cause problems with the dry zone. Use the appropriate amount of moisturizer depending on the reaction of your skin to climatic conditions. Always keep your skin clean.

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