10 Home Remedies For Bad Breath

There are many symptoms associated with bad breath. If it's not treated properly, it might be worse. If it's due to bacteria and infection then it can be easily treated at home using natural remedies.

Updated: July 21, 2020

Brushing our teeth is a daily ritual and part of our grooming. It is a characteristic of cleanliness as well as a confidence booster every time we smile or approach our day by day discussions. Yet, different studies say that, brushing teeth alone can't promise a smell free mouth.  It is a condition that many experience the ill effects accidentally. Terrible breath can be a big cause of embarrassment. Serious cases are believed to have psychological implications and that the individual may experience the ill effects of lower confidence and depression.

Symptoms of Bad Breath

There are many symptoms associated with bad breath. If it's not treated properly, it might be worse. If it's due to bacteria and infection then it can be easily treated at home using natural remedies. It won't be a serious problem if you start using natural home remedies regularly. There are many symptoms of bad breath, which appears in people. The signs and indications of bad breath differ from one individual to the other, in view of many factors. A few factors that may impact the commonness of the conditions. The absolute most common symptoms associated with bad breath include a bad smell or a bad taste in your mouth, you may also notice  in your mouth. Brushing post lunch and dinner will help you in clearing any food particles.

Causes of Bad Breath

Halitosis otherwise called oral mal-order or essentially terrible breath is positioned as a third most regular purpose behind looking for dental treatment. It is caused by the general development of bacteria in the mouth. While inquire about has connected certain sorts of foods, for example, garlic or spicy foods as reasons for awful breath. Poor dental cleanliness can likewise trigger awful breath. Persistent bad breath can be a cause of alarm for anyone as it may be a sign of serious internal illness. Other causes of bad breath include 

  • Alcohol,
  • Smoking,
  • A consistently dry mouth,
  • Medical problems such as sinus infection, tonsilitis, lung, kidney and liver diseases, blood disorders, diabetes and menstruation.

Home Remedies of Bad Breath

Baking Soda

It's a really effective idea to gargle mouthwash contains high PH after you eat food. You can use a mix of warm water, salt and baking soda as a cheap replacement for mouth wash. Baking soda may be helpful to balance the pH level in the mouth and remove the bad odor from your mouth. Make sure that you rinse your mouth thoroughly and completely after using baking soda to get odour free breath. Home remedies for bad breath using baking soda is an effective one. Take the baking soda and you mix it properly in warm water so that it will get dissolve completely. After that, you can gargle your mouth using this solution for a few times in a day. Practice these tips every day to cure bad breath. It will help to kill bacteria and give better outcomes.


Cinnamon is a type of essential oil that contains Cinnamic aldehyde. It is helpful to get rid of bad breath problem. Cinnamon also reduces bacteria present in the saliva. Firstly, add the cinnamon powder and water. After that, you boil this properly for about 7 to 10 minutes. Then, you can add a few cardamom and bay leaves and in this boiling water. After that strain that mixture and you use the solution as mouth wash that will give you a refreshing breath. Practice these tips every day to cure bad breath.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds contain natural antibacterial and other properties that are helpful in curing bad breath. They are helpful to deal with the indigestion which is a one of the major causes of bad breath. Fennel seeds also act as mouth fresheners and offer a better solution for bad breath. Always try to follow home remedies for bad breath as they are very effective. Whenever you consume food with strong odors, take the fennel seeds and you chew them immediately after the food. You must chew them properly so that it will give a fresh breath as well as improves the production of saliva in your mouth. If you want, you can mix, fennel seeds with other aromatic spices such as cloves, cardamom etc. Eating regularly after having food will give you the best outcome to get rid of bad breath

Apple Cider Vinegar

Maintaining a bad breath free mouth is as simple as brushing one's teeth twice a day. Apple cider vinegar provides acidic and antiseptic properties that is helpful to prevent the plaque and fight against bacteria causing bad breath. First of all, you add Apple Cider Vinegar in either water or fruit juice. Mix it properly and drink this after taking food on a regular basis. Practice these tips every day to cure bad breath


White vinegar contains many health benefits. It helps in digestion, get rid of bad breath, boost the immune system, bones, treat the strep throat etc. You should use home remedies that are easily available at home like vinegar to cure bad breath but so many people that have bad breathe still just don't do it. For bad breath home remedies, soak your toothbrush in distilled white vinegar. Then brush your teeth using this vinegar for about 2 to 3 minutes. After brushing your teeth make sure you wash your mouth and teeth properly to prevent your tooth enamel from the acidic effect the vinegar. Practice these tips  for about 1 or 2 times per week to cure bad breath and to get whiter teeth.


Honey contains multiple health benefits. That's the reason it has been used since long time for home remedies. Combination of honey and Apple Cider Vinegar contains many health benefits and used to cure many health diseases such as sore throat, arthritis, wrinkles, joint pains, weight loss and bad breath and so on. However, if you can use organic Apple Cider Vinegar and honey ,you will get the best results for dealing with bad breath.

Parsley Leaves

Curing bad breath does not have to be an impossible task that you need to pay thousands of dollars into. Apart from home remedies for bad breath brushing twice a day is a minimum, especially in the morning and night before bed. Avoiding high sulfur foods and an increase in one's water intake, and odor free mouth spells confidence and a holistic well being. Parsley is helpful to remove the bacteria as it contains chlorophyll , an antibacterial property which will give you a fresh breath. Take the fresh parsley leaves and then soak them in the vinegar. Chew them properly for 1-2 minutes to get relief from bad breath faster. Having parsley on daily basis will help to get rid of bad breath problem completely.

Tea Tree Oil

Anti-fungal and antiseptic properties of tea tree oil are helpful in killing the fungi and bacteria in your mouth. That's the reason tea tree oil is one of the effective home remedies for bad breath. For bad breath home remedy takes equal quantity of lemon oil, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil and mix them in water. For treating bad breath problem you can rinse your mouth with this solution as a mouthwash regularly. 


Bad breath can be cured using Fenugreek as it contains a property that can heal the problem faster. It is one of the effective home remedy for bad breath. It can also stimulate the saliva production in the mouth and prevent the bad breath effectively. Take the fenugreek seeds boil it in cold water for 15 to 20 minutes on low flame. After that, you can drink the tea to prevent bad breath. You must practice it regularly, which will help you to prevent bad breath completely.


Clove contains oils that have antimicrobial as well as antiseptic properties that are helpful to treat bad breath.  First of all take the clove pieces and put into your mouth. Chew them completely and properly. In order to get relief from bad breath ,you have to chew these clove pieces that will be helpful to get absolute relief from bad breath in a few times. You must practice of chewing these cloves regularly after having your meals that will help you to prevent from bad breath.

Home Remedies for Bad Breath

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