How to sell your products on Amazon?

If you want to sell on, you will need to access the Amazon Seller Central.

Updated: July 2, 2022

1.Become an Amazon seller

Requirements to Sell

If you want to sell on, you will need to access the Amazon Seller Central. You can do this by creating an account. It takes just 15 minutes and you need just two things to start selling:

How to Open an Amazon Account
Step 1: Go to
Step 3: Select between "Sell as a Professional" or "Sell as an Individual" . As a beginner we recommend selling as an individual. 
Step 4: Fill out the required information and once you're done then you've officially become an Amazon seller.

Listing your products

You first need to list your product on to start selling it.  You can give your product information such as the product category, brand name, product features and specifications, product images, and price. All these details help your customer to purchase your product.You need to list them from your Seller Central account in one of the two ways to showcase your products on 

Adding a new offer by matching or scan the product barcode or ISBN using the Seller App.(if the product is available on

Create a new listing by uploading product images and fill in the details.(for new products, not yet listed on Amazon)

Store & Deliver

As an seller, you need to both store your products and deliver them to your customer. You can choose to take care of this or let Amazon do it for you.

Your options are:
Fulfillment by Amazon: Amazon takes care of storage, packing & delivery. You get the Prime badge & Amazon also handles customer support.
Easy Ship: You store the products and Amazon delivers it to your customers.
Self Ship: You handle both storage and delivery of products through third-party courier service
More information on your fulfillment options

Get paid for your sales

You will begin receiving orders once you become an seller. Your payments for these orders will be deposited in your bank account every 7 days (minus the Amazon Fees) once your account is verified. You can check your settlements anytime on your Seller Central profile and can contact Seller Support in case any doubt.

Grow your business with

You will have access to a host of tools and programs (both paid and free) to help your business grow once you become an seller.

Here's how Amazon can help you grow:

You get the Prime Badge, When you choose for Fulfillment by Amazon to deliver your products to the customers, or you opt to sell under Local Shops by Amazon. 
You can use our Automated Pricing tool to set rules and automatically adjust the prices of your products.
You get to learn more from your customers using our Voice of Customers Dashboard. 
You can explore growth opportunities with Amazon.

Support from Amazon

You will always have our support as an seller. If you have a query, we will answer it. If you are looking to outsource services to a professional service provider, we can help. Or, if you simply want to learn on your own, we are there to support you.

Customers place orders

You can also get bulk purchases from business and Not only regular customers orders. You can increase your exposure With advertising, 

Tools to help you grow offers a wide range of tools that can help you succeed. You can select from the wide selection based on your specific requirements.

Price competitively
Learn from customer feedback
Target customers with paid ads
Delight customers with offers

Selling Programs

Amazon gives you access to a whole host of programs designed for your specific requirements as your needs are different from everyone else’s, so you can start growing your business.

Service Providers

Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN) can help scale up your business because doing everything yourself can be a complicated process. Trusted professionals through Amazon SPN helps sellers through paid assistance. You need help with listing your products on, account management, shipping support, or just someone to handle the accounting, SPN has a provider for every need.

Sell across the world

Do not limit your business to only few customers  when you can sell in 200+ countries. Become an seller and you will be a part of the world's biggest shopping destination.With a world-class fulfillment network, you can take your business international with global selling.

Take part in shopping Festivals

Its known that India loves to celebrate every festival. As an seller, you can participate  in shopping festivals and take benefits of the increase in customer demand during this period. Selling on during festivals can see your sales grow manifold Whether it's selling during Diwali, getting ready for Prime Day, or multiple festivals throughout the year.

3.Deliver your product

You can choose storage, packaging, delivery & returns are handled When you sell on Amazon. Amazon will handle delivery & customer returns With FBA or Easy Ship. You can also ship the product yourself.

Fulfillment Options

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Once an order is placed and you join FBA, you send your products to the Amazon Fulfilment Center and Amazon takes care of the rest. 

Easy Ship (ES)

The packaged product is picked up by Amazon from the seller's location by an Amazon Logistics Delivery Associate and delivered to the buyers' location. Amazon Easy Ship is an end-to-end delivery service for sellers.

You can choose to store, pack, and deliver your products to the customer on your own by using a third-party courrier or your own delivery associates being an Seller.

4.You get paid for your sales

Funds from your completed sales will be deposited in your bank account (deducting Amazon fees) every 7 days, even for Pay on Delivery orders.

Find out your Amazon Selling Fees

Referral Fee (based on Category)

The limited period offer of flat 2% Sell on Amazon Fees rate is applicable on all product categories priced upto Rs.300 and select categories upto Rs.1000. 

Referral Fees Table

2% flat Referral Fee* for all items < ₹300

Closing Fee (based on Price)

Closing Fee is deducted every time your product is sold on Amazon based on the price range of the product. This fee also varies based on the fulfillment channel you are using.

Weight Handling Fee (Shipping Fee)

If you use Easy Ship or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Amazon will deliver your products to the customer and charge you a fee. (If you are choosing to Self-Ship, you will have to bear the cost of shipping and deliver through 3rd party courier service/own delivery agents).

Payment Cycles

You will get paid for the order 7 days after the order is delivered. Amazon make sure that payment for your sales (minus the Amazon Seller fees) is deposited into your bank account every 7 days, including your Pay on Delivery orders. 

You can check your deposited balance along with tips to grow and expand your business in your Seller Central account.

Amazon Fulfillment Channels Fee Comparison

Each Fulfillment Channel has different fees associated with it.  Certain costs you (the seller) will bear when you choose it. Most sellers choose a mix of different fulfillment channels, as each channel has different advantages. 

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How to sell your products on Amazon?

How to sell your products on Amazon?

If you want to sell on, you will need to access the Amazon Seller Central.

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