Natural Ways to Treat Gallstones

When the chemical substances present in the gallbladder such as, cholesterol, calcium bilirubinate, and calcium carbonate are out of balance and are harden, gallstones may form.

Updated: June 16, 2022

When the chemical substances present in the gallbladder such as, cholesterol, calcium bilirubinate, and calcium carbonate are out of balance and are  harden, gallstones may form.
A combination of genetics, diet, and lifestyle factors are likely the cause of gallstones formation. There are two main types of gallstones:

Cholesterol gallstones:

If there is too much cholesterol in the bile, these type of gallstones are formed.

Pigment gallstones :

These form when the bile has too much bilirubin. They are more common among patients who have liver disease, infected bile tubes, or blood disorders, such as sickle-cell anemia.
Gallstones can cause sharp, intense pain in the upper right part of the abdomen. This pain may radiate to your back and up to your shoulder blade. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, light-colored or gray stool, and diarrhea. 
Surgery is a common treatment for gallstones, but you may be able to treat them with natural remedies. The way to treat gallstone without surgery are as follow: 

Gallbladder cleanse:

A gallbladder cleanse or flush can help break up the gallstones and empty the gallbladder. A combination of olive oil, juice, and herbs can be consumed for two or more days. You are not supposed to take anything other than the oil mixture. This therapy is not safe for people with diabetes, or those who experience low blood sugar. 

Apple juice:

Apple juice may soften gallstones and can help you pass the stones. However, drinking lots of fruit juice may not be healthy for a person with diabetes, hypoglycemia, stomach ulcers, and other conditions.


People with cholesterol gallstones were more likely to have abnormal lipid profiles. Yoga was found to improve lipid profile and thus help you naturally pass gallstones.

Milk thistle:

Milk thistle is available in pill form as a supplement which may help treat liver and gallbladder disorders. This may also lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. 


Artichoke has been found to be beneficial for gallbladder function. It helps stimulate bile and is also beneficial for the liver. It can be steamed, pickled, or grilled. There is no harm in eating artichoke if you are able to tolerate it. It can also be taken in pill form or sold as a supplement. 

Gold coin grass:

These are available in powder or liquid form which may help reduce gallstone formation. These supplements may be found at natural foods stores or other places where supplements are sold.

Castor oil pack:

Warm cloths are soaked in castor oil and then place on your abdomen. The packs are supposed to relieve pain and help treat your gallstones.


Acupuncture may help relieve some of the pain from gallstones by reducing spasms, easing bile flow, and restoring proper function. Acupuncture was found to relieve symptoms of cholecystitis and reduce the volume of the gallbladder. Acupuncture is relatively safe. Always look for a licensed acupuncturist and make sure that they are using new, single-use needles when choosing an acupuncturist.


A well-balanced diet that includes a variety of fruits and vegetables may help support a healthy gallbladder and reduce your risk for gallstones. It may also help with weight management. Certain food such as, eggs, refined sugar, food allergens and foods with lots of saturated fat should be avoided as this can aggravate the gallbladder.

Weight management:

Obesity increases your risk for developing gallstones. Following a very low-calorie diet for weight loss may actually increase your risk for gallstones. So be careful if you are trying to lose weight and choose a healthy weight loss program that can help you . 
People who undergo surgical removal of the gallbladder rarely have any problems with biliary system function after surgery. But its always advisable to prevent gallstone to avoid any major complications.

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