Post Pregnancy Diet: 11 Best Foods For New Moms

Every women put on some extra weight during pregnancy. Shedding those extra weight become a big task for most of the women after delivering the baby.

Updated: July 23, 2020

Every woman put on some extra weight during pregnancy. Shedding those extra weight become a big task for most of the women after delivering the baby. If you want to understand there is something more foremost than focusing on weight reduction then that is your diet. Eating right is more important than anything else for weight reduction. It not just encourages you recover your truly necessary energy levels yet additionally pass on the supplements to your baby.

There are various changes happens in your body like physical and hormonal changes after delivery. Sometimes you will feel exhausted, cranky, and anxious. It's normal to feel down for the main couple of weeks post delivery. A healthy diet can change your mood, but you should consult your doctor first. When you start breastfeeding, your body requires an extra calorie consistently like during pregnancy

In this article we will help you with a list of foods that you should take in the post-pregnancy diet. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, iron, calcium, and omega-3s. They will enable your body framework to recuperate from labor.

Low-Fat Dairy Items

Include dairy items like milk, cheese or yogurt, in your diet during breastfeeding as they are very important. They are rich in calcium, protein, and B vitamins. Your baby gets calcium from the breast milk for bone advancement. Hence, have calcium-rich nourishments to supplant the lost calcium in your body. Remember to incorporate  dairy items consistent in your eating routine. 

Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are rich in vitamins A, C, iron, and dietary calcium. They are additionally less calorie consuming food and highly rich in antioxidants, which help in losing post-pregnancy weight. Green leafy veggies like spinach, broccoli, and Swiss chard contain plenteous measures of vitamin A that are beneficial for you and your child. Eat a greater amount of these leafy greens, beans, pointed gourd, apple gourd, lotus stem, and other such occasional veggies. 

Lean Meat

Lean meats are rich in iron, protein and vitamin B12, and help support your energy levels. Lean meat is helpful for you to compensate for the lost vitality levels while breastfeeding. So include lean meat in your diet to boost your energy.


Pulses are an essential component in a healthy diet. They are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. You can have green and red grams. To make it tasty you can boil and seasoning them. They are effectively absorbable and delectable to eat. Pulses additionally prevent fat storage in the body. 


Legumes like kidney beans and black beans are highly rich in protein. They help in renewing the energy during breastfeeding. Include these beans in your diet post pregnancy, which are ideal for veggie lovers and vegetarian moms. 

Whole Grain Oat

When you have a restless night, entire grain oats make the best breakfast choice for the following morning. The greater part of the cool oat accessible is packed with vitamins and minerals, which help in meeting your regular necessity. Oats are rich in calcium, iron, proteins, and carbs. They are additionally high in fiber, which prevents constipation. You can add your favorite fruit and nuts in oats and milk. Make a different oats recipe like oats Khichdi or oats Upma. They are tasty too. 


They are a rich wellspring of protein. You may have egg scramble for breakfast, hardboiled egg alongside a plate of mixed greens for lunch, or omelet for dinner . 

Brown Rice

You might be considering chopping down the carbs to get in shape. Be that as it may, sudden changes in your weight can influence your milk production and make you feel drowsy. Whole grain carbs helps in increasing your strength. So include brown rice which is a whole grain food to help your vitality levels. They give the you and your little ones with calories. 


An incredible decision to meet your day by day supplement prerequisites post pregnancy, blueberries are loaded with the correct measures of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, they are good source of healthy carbs which raise your vitality levels. 


Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, for example, oranges are good source of vitamin C, which you require in good amount while breastfeeding. You can have either the fruit or the juice. Calcium rich beverages will hep you a lot. 

Whole Wheat Bread

Folic acid is very essential for the fetal improvement in the beginning times of pregnancy. It is additionally an important supplement in the breast milk production. Whole grain bread and pasta are great alternatives to build your day by day requirement of iron and fiber. 

Best Foods For New Moms

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