9 Third Trimester Symptoms Of Pregnancy

The third trimester starts in week 28 of pregnancy and keeps going until the point when you deliver the baby, which might associate with week 40 of pregnancy.

Updated: July 23, 2020

The third trimester starts in week 28 of pregnancy and keeps going until the point when you deliver the baby, which might associate with week 40 of pregnancy. It's possible that labor will begin two or three weeks prior or later, actually, no less than 50 percent of all baby are latecomers. The third trimester is a period of awesome suspicion. In a couple of short weeks, your little one will at long last be here. A portion of the side effects in the third trimester can incorporate a sleeping disorder and pain. You should know whats happening with you whether its normal or not. Especially with regards to the discomfort you may feel through the span of the third trimester.


  • Not exclusively are you carrying around an additional 20 to 30 pounds, you're growing uterus has improved different organs in your body, including much more strain. You'll likely need to back off a little in the third trimester, yet you likewise need to keep your vitality up. 
  • Do little amount of activity. A slow walking, pre-birth yoga are great choices as well, yet ensure you tune in to your body. In case you're tiring sooner, back off.
  • Take short breaks at work. Put your feet up. Take a couple of minutes to close your eyes.
  • Eat little, frequent meals and snacks. You require a solid blend of protein and complex carbs. Walnuts and dried fruits are an incredible snack to keep reserved in your handbag or work area.
  • On the off chance that your vitality level feels truly low, check with your specialist. You may be experiencing anemia, which an iron supplement can settle.

Back Pain

As your body experiences additionally changes in readiness for labor, hormone levels becomes high and  connective tissue loosens. This helps your pelvis  flexible so that your baby can go through the birth canal all the more effectively. In any case, ladies as often as possible experience hip pain as the connective tissue loosens and extends. Lower back pain can likewise happen with hip pain. Sleep one side with the help of a cushion between your legs may mitigate this pain since it opens the hips somewhat. Support your back and stomach area with additional cushioning underneath your back while sleeping. Go for a spa for a prenatal massage.

Frequent Urination

Your uterus puts weight on your bladder most vigorously in the third trimester, so you'll presumably need to go to the washroom more than before. Even its more irritating that you may have sudden, uncontrollable urges to urinate. More than 50 percent of first-time mothers encounter it. Try to urinate every hour or two.  It's additionally important to drink eight 8-10 glasses of water a day to remain legitimately hydrated and to eat a lot of high-fiber foods to prevent constipation. Maintain a strategic distance from caffeine; it's a diuretic that can increase urination.


Almost 50% of all mothers to-be will face acid reflux or heartburn. Stay away from food that triggers heartburn like  spicy or oily foods. Avoid acidic, fatty foods, coffee, cold drinks, citrus food, and ice cream.  Avoid eating too late in the night. Don't lie down immediate right after eating.

Swollen Feet and Legs

Edema, the specialized name for swollen feet, lower legs and legs, is caused by liquid maintenance in the lower half of the body. Varicose veins happen when valves inside veins in the legs turn out to be weak, which enables the blood to flow in reverse, pool and make painful lumps. In spite of the fact that the swelling ought to die down, some varicose veins are there to remain. Surgery is one approach to remove them, yet it's expensive. Put your feet up regularly, switch standing and sitting positions every now and again, and never fold your legs. Take Rests whenever possible, ideally on your side.


By month eight or nine, you'll most likely feel Braxton-Hicks contractions. They are among the third trimester side effects that prepare your body for delivery.  False contractions have a tendency to be felt in the front of the belly; genuine ones begin in the back and come around to the front. Genuine contractions may likewise come when you started moving. move your position, so start moving around to decide if it's an ideal time for delivering the baby. 

Vaginal Pain

Vaginal pain during your third trimester can make you feel restless and stressed. You may think about whether your child is coming or if the pain is an indication that something is incorrectly. The appropriate response relies upon the seriousness of the pain. A few ladies encounter sharp pain in the vagina. This could possibly show that the cervix is widening in readiness for delivery the baby.


Your sleep may also be affected by snoring. Some of women snore during pregnancy because of the swelling of the nasal passages. The baby's increased size likewise puts extra weight on the breathing muscles. Some women dint even realize that they are snoring while sleeping. Others wake up because of snoring.

Preventing and Fighting Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the common challenges during third trimester. But there are a few tips you can take to improve sleep in your third trimester. These incorporate the accompanying: 

  • Sleep over your left side to elevate blood stream to your baby. Place a pad underneath your belly to help it. In the event that you encounter indigestion or heartburn while lying level, include additional pads under your abdominal area.
  • Never sleep on your back as this stops blood stream.
  • Avoid cold drinks and coffee which can cause leg cramps.
  • Drink a lot of water to help reduce cramping.
  • Extend your legs before going to bed. Keep your legs straight and flexing your feet to help lessen leg cramping that keeps you up during the evening.
  • On the off chance that you don't feel sleep,read a book, thinking, or doing another things.

Third Trimester Symptoms Of Pregnancy

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