Tips To Grow Hair Faster

By taking proper care of your hair and following a proper diet you can stimulate hair growth.

Updated: October 28, 2019

Usually human hair grows in hair grows in 3 stages, namely, anagen, catagen and telogen. Anagen is the growth stage, catagen is when hair follicles are renewed and telogen is when hair growth is stopped. It takes years to grow hair long. Here we have some amazing hair growth tips that will help you get long hair of your dreams in less than a month. By taking proper care of your hair and following a proper diet you can stimulate hair growth.

Healthy Diet:

Eat plenty of leafy vegetables, seeds, beans, chicken and lean fish which will help stimulate hair growth. Include vitamins especially Vitamin C, which is found in citrus fruits, minerals, folic acids etc. in your diet. Onions, when applied on the hair also promotes hair growth. Along with a healthy diet follow a regular exercise plan side by side. Yoga and meditation are also effective in reducing hair fall as it helps reduce stress which is one of the most leading cause for hair fall and premature graying. If you can prevent these hair problems then your hair will grow faster.

Trim your Hair:

Trim your hair often which will help you get rid of split ends and also stimulates hair growth.

Hair Massage:

Give your hair a good massage with warm oil to improve blood circulation and stimulate hair growth. You can use coconut or almond oil for head massage.
Oil your hair at least twice a week to give required nourishment to your tresses.

Use Right Shampoo:

The texture of hair is different for different people. Therefore choose a right shampoo that suits your hair. Washing your hair with a nourishing shampoo thrice a week helps hydrate and repair it. Avoid washing your hair daily with shampoo as it can lead to hair fall and dryness.

Avoid stress:

As stress leads to hair fall, try to minimize it as much as possible. Keep your worries at bay and enjoy every moment of your life with great joy and fun. You can get involve in stress relieve activities like yoga, meditation, daily walks, journal, art therapy, time with loved ones. Try out whatever works for you. Sleep well and meditate often.

Detangle Your Hair Gently:

Brushing your hair too often will increase the chances of breakage. Sometimes you can detangle your hair gently using your fingers instead

Avoid Cotton Pillow Covers:

Try not to use cotton pillow covers. Instead go for satin covers as it is soft and minimizes friction resulting in fewer tangles.

Use Natural Hair Packs:

Hair packs nourish your hair and reduce dryness. Always go for natural hair packs instead of chemically synthesized ones. A curd mask for hair will not only help you prevent hair loss, but also at the same time will help you recover the loss because of the protein present in it.
Mix together about a cup of curd and 2 tablespoon of amla powder. Apply this hair mask on your hair and leave on for around half an hour. After that wash with a mild shampoo and cool water. The protein and vitamin B5 present in this mask will help your hair grow stronger and longer. You can use this hair mask once a week.

Avoid Over-exposure To Sunlight:

Make sure that that your hair is properly covered when you are stepping out in the heat and humidity as the harmful UV rays of sun can damage your hair.

Condition Your Hair:

Condition your hair whenever you do shampoo. Conditioners will help your hair retain moisture. You can also use natural things to condition your hair. Curd & Aloe Vera Hair Mask can be used as hair conditioner to grow your hair faster.
Mix 2 tablespoon of coconut oil, 4 tablespoon of aloe vera gel and 3 tablespoon of curd to make a thick paste. Apply it on scalp for half an hour and wash it out with cool water and a mild shampoo. You can repeat this once every week to get the best result.

Stay hydrated:

Water can be a solution of many health and beauty problems in many cases including your hair. Drinking several glasses of water in a day will keep your hair hydrated and shiny. Stay hydrated with water, coconut water, and green tea which is full of antioxidants.

Exercise Regularly:

Regularly exercise will improve blood circulation and stimulate hair growth.

Never Wrap Your Hair With Towel:

Wrapping your hair tightly with towel causes the hair to break. Also, the rough fiber makes de-tangling your hair extremely difficult. Make sure you use the softer one if you want to wrap the towel.

Rinse with Cold Water at The End Of Each Shower:

Rinsing your hair with cold water at end keeps your hair long and healthy as it prevents moisture loss and heat damage.

Artificial Hair Growth Supplements:

When your body does not get enough nutrients to suffice your hair care needs it causes hair loss and breakage. In that case, you can use hair growth supplements that can help you get sustained hair growth by providing essential nutrients and vitamins required for hair growth. However, consult your doctor before using any supplement.

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