Tips to Remove Wrinkles from your Face:

Wrinkles on your face or forehead lines are not always a sign of old age. There are lot of factors that contribute to wrinkles.

Updated: December 11, 2018

Wrinkles on your face or forehead lines are not always a sign of old age. There are lot of factors that contribute to wrinkles. These include sun damage, smoking, dehydration, poor nutrition, stress, fatigue, pollution and toxins. However these factors can be controlled and you can can gradually reduce the wrinkles from your forehead with the below tips and exercises.

Follow the Basic Skin Care:

Wash your face, Moisturize, use sun screen. At nights use oil to remove makeup, wash face and moisturize.

Avoid Over-exposure To Sunlight:

Over-exposure to sunlight can cause damage to your skin and increase forehead wrinkles. Make sure to use your regular sunscreen or cover your forehead with a scarf whenever you step outside to avoid excessive sunlight from hitting the area. 
Always use a nontoxic sunscreen lotion as toxins and free radicals are a big source or wrinkles. You can apply a light sunscreen lotion with high SPF to get protection from the harmful sun rays. Also carry the other accessories such as umbrella, cap etc to get protection from wrinkles.


Massage is an age-old method of removing forehead wrinkles. It helps improve the circulation of blood in the facial tissues. Using your favorite gentle lotion, take a few minutes to give your face a massage with a firm but gentle touch. Focus on problem areas like your neck, under your eyes, and your forehead. Gently massage few drops of olive oil in an upward and downward motion for 8-10 minutes. Do this once or twice everyday to get faster results. Olive oil acts as a moisturizer and keeps the skin hydrated, which will reduce the wrinkle-causing cells.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil:

Fermented cod liver oil is full of vitamins and omega 3. It is the best sun protection, a supplement that keeps sun damage far away. Sunburn is inflammation of the skin caused by UV rays that can result in wrinkles. As fermented cod liver oil is anti-inflammatory, it stops sun damage before it starts.

Get enough Sleep:

Our body produce HGH (human growth hormone) while we are sleeping which induces growth and cell reproduction including skin cells. Our body produce cortisol, a stress hormone when we don't get enough sleep. Cortisol slows growth, tissue maintenance, and results in dry skin which is one of the cause of wrinkles. The more sleep you get, the more HGH you produce. As we age, we produce less HGH. This is the reason behind wrinkles in aged people.

Stay hydrated:

Water can be a solution of many health and beauty problems in many cases including your skin. Drinking several glasses of water in a day will improve your skin elasticity. You skin will be nourished without getting wrinkles. Stay hydrated with water, coconut water, and green tea which is full of antioxidants. Water not only moisturizes your skin, but also rids your body of toxins.

Natural anti wrinkle moisturizer for Wrinkle:

Always use natural moisturizer instead of expensive wrinkle skin moisturizer available in the market. To make this natural moisturizer, you need 2 tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel, few drops of rose and lavender essential oil, cocoa butter and different types of essential oils for different skin tone. You need to use sesame oil if you have dry skin tone, where as people with normal skin tone must use almond oil. If you have acne prone skin, jojoba oil must be used.  Again people with aged skin must use rice bran oil as they need more moisture on their skin layer. All the ingredients as mentioned above needs to be warmed up separately. Put the appropriate essential oil according to your skin tone at the time of mixing all ingredient. You can see a creamy substance formed while whipping. Now store this creamy substance in a refrigerator and then use everyday like cream.  After a month you can see reduction of wrinkles over your skin layer. This cream can also be used all over your face.

Stop smoking:

Smoking gives rise to spreading free radicals inside the body which in turn totally destroys the immunity power to fight with diseases. Collagen in your body is an important factor that increases skin elasticity. The skin collagen will be reduced and will make your skin inelastic if you smoke regularly resulting in wrinkles over the skin and forehead.

Diet to fight wrinkles:

One of the causes behind wrinkles is enough of oxidants accumulation under the body. This can be removed with the food particles that include antioxidants. Vitamins A, C, & E, and beta carotene are all antioxidants. These antioxidants can reduce free radicals that are formed by pollution & toxins.
Consume sea food regularly as it contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which are very effective in preventing the formation of wrinkles. Irons, vitamins and other nutrients are important to make your skin glow and remove wrinkles. The food items that have been proven to remove wrinkles from the skin layer include walnuts, eggs, sardines, tuna, Brazil nuts, shellfish etc. The fruits like watermelon, pineapples, cucumber, avocado and papaya are also essential in contributing in wrinkle free skin.
Fresh fruits and vegetables that are source of Vitamins A and D will help to plump your skin and make it seem to glow from the inside. It is also important to get enough vitamin C internally which can be found in citrus fruits, broccoli, and bell peppers. Including dark green veggies and organic meat in your diet, you can boost collagen naturally. Collagen is that protein in your skin that gives it strength and structure. The breakdown of collagen happens as you grow older that leads to sagging and wrinkles. Good saturated fats are an essential part of a healthy diet and healthy skin. Saturated fat makes your skin more elastic and more resistant to the oxidative damage from the sun. Sources of saturated fat include grass-fed butter (homemade is best), avocados and coconut oil.

Avoid stress:

Stress is the one of the cause for wrinkles, dark circles, and other skin issues. Stress causes the skin to release cortisol hormone that encourage inflammation, and also irritates the nerves which can lead to allergic reactions. The hormone can also disrupts barrier function which can dry skin and increase risk of wrinkles, decreases the production of moisturizing lipids, and slows wound healing.
Keep your worries at bay and enjoy every moment of your life with great joy and fun. You can get involve in stress relieve activities like yoga, meditation, daily walks, journal, art therapy, time with loved ones. Try out whatever works for you.

Sleep on your back:

Sleeping on sides or stomach may cause impression of wrinkles on your face. Sleep on your back to keep your neck, body and spine in alignment.

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