When And How To Introduce Cow Milk To Babies

You can give cow milk to your baby only after 12 months when their digestive system is little developed and they can start having different types of foods.

Updated: March 28, 2019

When Can Babies Have Cow Milk?

You can give cow milk to your baby only after 12 months when their digestive system is little developed and they can start having different types of foods.

Why Can’t Babies Have Cow Milk Before The Age Of 12 Months?

Cow milk contains high amount of protein and minerals that can effect your baby's kidneys. Their digestive system and kidneys become stronger once they  become 12 months, which makes it a perfect time to introduce cow’s milk. Below the age of 12 months babies cannot digest cow milk.

What Are The Advantages Of Giving Cow Milk To A Baby?

High in protein

Cow milk contains high amount of protein, which helps babies muscle growth and development.

Good for bones health

Cow milk has a good amount of calcium which helps babies for developing strong bones, teeth and muscles. Let your baby consume cow milk on regular basis that helps the baby reach their required amount of calcium. It also contains Vitamin D which helps in absorption of calcium in the body.

Good for the circulatory system

Cow milk is good for maintaining blood pressure, which is good for overall circulatory system.

Growth of the nerve cells

Cow milk has lipids called phospholipids and glycosphingolipids that helps in the growth of the nerve cells. It also helps in healthy brain development in babies.

Micronutrients and vitamins

Cow Milk contains various micronutrients and vitamins, which helps in babies growth and development.

How to choose the best type of milk for your baby?

You should give only Pasteurized and sterilized or Fortified cow milk your baby. Pasteurized cow milk is heated at a high temperature for some time, and then make it cool rapidly. It helps to reduce the bacteria and other microorganisms in the milk. Sterilization kills all the microorganisms in the milk. So sterilized cow milk is safest for babies. Fortified cow milk contains more added nutrients like vitamin D which is essential for babies.

Can You Give Skimmed Or Low Fat Cow Milk To My Baby?

Skimmed and low fat milk contains very less fat which does not fulfill baby’s nutritional requirement. So you should not give such milks to babies. Always give whole cow milk to your baby.

How To Introduce Cow Milk To Babies?

It is difficult to digest cow's milk for babies. So it should be introduced slowly, starting with little quantities initially.

How Much Cow Milk Can A Baby Have?

A baby should be given 946ml(32oz) of milk per day. If you give more milk, baby will not eat other food as there is less space in their stomach which will be full with only milk.So give in small amount. Give solid food apart from cow's milk so that he will not demand more.

Can There Be Any Disadvantages Of Giving Cow Milk To Babies?

There might be side effects of giving cow's milk to your baby if you introduce it before the age of 12 months. It can upset their stomach and intestine. They might get blood in the stool. So you better start giving it once the baby is 12 months old.

Can A Baby Be Allergic To Cow Milk?

Yes, your baby might get allergic reactions to cow's milk include skin hives, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea. To avoid such kind of reactions, give them cow milk in small sips, and then gradually increase the quantity. Stop giving milk completely if you feel that the baby is allergic to cow's milk.

Should you boil cow milk before giving it to the baby?

Yes, it is required to boil the milk before giving it to your baby to be on the safer side. Do not give raw cow milk to your baby, as it can contain bacteria and viruses that can harm the baby’s health.