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Requirements Summary Date Country Contact Information
Granite, MarbleRequirement - Granite,marble
Quantity - 2000sqft
Place - Bihar ,841238
May 23 2022IndiaView Contact
MaidRequirement -Maid
Role- part time
Place -Rajasthan,312601
May 23 2022IndiaView Contact
Broken rice ,maize (poultry feed ) Requirement - Broken rice ,maize (poultry feed )
Quantity-30 ton /week
Place -Jharkhand ,831001
May 23 2022IndiaView Contact
Corn Silage Requirement - Corn Silage
Quantity - 20 Quantal
Place - HARYANA,125104
May 23 2022IndiaView Contact
FungicideRequirement - Fungicide
Quantity -1pc
Place - Andaman,741101
May 23 2022IndiaView Contact
BroomRequirement - Brooms
Quantity -10 ton regularly
Place - Bihar ,846004
May 23 2022IndiaView Contact
Cococola Distributor Requirement - Cococola Distributor
Place - Jharkhand ,835211
May 23 2022IndiaView Contact
Cooking Oil Requirement - Cooking Oil
Quantity-5 x 20 ft. containers of 1 ltr. pet bottle .
10 x 20ft. containers of 25 ltr. yellow jerry can.
Place-Ghana country
May 23 2022IndiaView Contact
Soy BeansRequirement - Soy been
Place- Andhra Pradesh ,535145
May 23 2022IndiaView Contact
SaltRequirement - Salt
Quantity - Bulk
Place - East Sudan
May 23 2022IndiaView Contact
Cord Liver Oil Requirement - Cord Liver Oil
Quantity - 10 liter
Place - Hyderabad ,500006
May 23 2022IndiaView Contact
RotavatorRequirement -Spares of Rotavator
Quantity- each 5 numbers
Place- varasni ,221005
May 23 2022IndiaView Contact
Aluminium scrap, occ scrapRequirement -Aluminium scrap, occ scrap
Quantity -1 container /week
Place : Mudra port
May 22 2022IndiaView Contact
Groundnut Requirement -Groundnut
Quantity : Bulk Amount
Place-West bengal ,721506
May 22 2022IndiaView Contact
Mushroom Requirement - Mushroom
Quantity - weekly 1 kg
Place - Assam ,783380
May 22 2022IndiaView Contact
HouseholdRequirement -Household (Pig feed, sweeping,cooking etc)
Role-full time
Place -Arunachal Pradesh ,791102

May 22 2022IndiaView Contact
Paper Carry BagRequirement - Paper bag
Place- Uttar Pradesh ,241302
May 22 2022IndiaView Contact
Milking machineRequirement -Milking machine
Place-sikkim ,737113
May 22 2022IndiaView Contact
Khapli WheatRequirement - Khapli wheat
Quantity -10-15 kg
Place - Mumbai,400071
May 22 2022IndiaView Contact
Raw peanut Requirement-Raw peanut (every dist. of Jharkhand )
Quantity-240 ton every month
Place-Jharkhand ,281201

We need supplier for All district of Jharkhand our requirements is 10 ton every month for all district of Jharkhand it means total order is 240 ton every month.
May 22 2022IndiaView Contact
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