100% Natural Processed Raw Rice

Products : 100% Natural Processed Raw Rice
Suppliers : Karupatti
Shipping : India & Abroad
Packaging Size : Customized
Category : Rice
Supplier Type : Manufacturer / Suppliers
Made in India

Natural processed rice
This rice is prossesed from 12-18 months old paddy, minimum being 12 months. The older the rice, better starch absorbed, naturally sun dried and rich in nutrition.
Manual steaming helps maintain proper temperature and helps the paddy not break.
It’s dried and stored on cement floor and kalam(container) and spread and flattened with what is called matta palagai and pal palagai in tamizh to avoid breaking and keep the fibre.
It’s processed, dried for 5 days to get a rice that retains much of the fibre. its semi polished and fibre retained rice.
Raw rice
Skinned, unpolished rice, rich in fibre.

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