DT24 Digital Thermometer INC 18% GST

Rs 56.56 / Piece
Products : DT24 Digital Thermometer
Suppliers : Tushti International Private Limited
Shipping : Pan India & Abroad
Made in India
Packaging Size : Customize
Category : Digital Thermometer
Supplier Type : Manufacture / Exporter
MOQ : 1000 Pcs - Rs. 57.57/-
MOQ : 5000 Pcs - Rs. 56.56/-
MRP : Rs.249/-

It can be really beneficial to have a dependable medical thermometer at home. The ability to effectively determine whether or not someone has a fever provides you with crucial information regarding the next steps in their care.

There are many different types of thermometers available, both contact and non-contact. Your family's ages, as well as your personal preferences, might assist you decide which varieties to purchase.

It's crucial to understand how your thermometer works, just like any other gadget in your house. Not all types of thermometers work in the same way or are designed to give the same temperature readings.

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