Moroccan Pure Clay Powders

Bulk Sale Pure Moroccan Clay Powder Circa 3,300kg, Rhassoul, Red, White & Green.
1. 4 different types of Moroccan Pure Ultra-ventilated Cosmetic Clay Powder. these are some of the benefits of clays, but not exhaustive:-

a. Rhassoul Pure Clay Powder; The only known mineral deposits of Rhassoul Clay (also known as Ghassoul) are located in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Detoxifies skin, Exfoliates dead skin cells, Deeply cleanses pores & purifies skin, Reduces excess skin oil, Softens skin, Soothes skin irritations, Tightens large pores, Fights dandruff, Acts as a natural shampoo, Conditions & detangles hair.

b. White Pure Clay Powder; Mildest form of clay powder, Eliminates Blackheads, Tightens pores, Reduces Acne

c. Red Pure Clay Powder; Dries out & gently removes blackheads, Tightens pores, Reduces signs of aging, Reduces dryness by not stripping oil from skin, Improves skin tone.

d. Green Pure Clay Powder; Cleans pores, Detoxifies skin, Firms skin, Controls oil production, Nourishes skin, Clears blemishes.

2. Potential Uses:-

Cosmetic Clay Powder

i. Face & whole body Masks

ii. Healthy hair and skin, anti fungal

iii. Powerful Detoxification properties

iv. An excellent Exfoliator

v. Reduces excess oily skin

vi. Soothes skin irritations & anti aging

vii. A natural shampoo & conditioner

viii. Combats dandruff

3. Quantities:-

a. Rhassoul Pure Clay Powder. Circa 1,000kg

b. White Pure Clay Powder. Circa 300kg

c. Red Pure Clay Powder. Circa 1,000kg

d. Green Pure Clay Powder. Circa 1,100kg

e. These weights are approximate and maybe a 100kg's out, I am happy to weigh each container before purchase.

4. Possible Minimum Sales Revenue:-

a. Rhassoul; £5 per kg x 1,000kg = £5,000

b. White; £5 per kg x 300kg = £1,500

c. Red; £5 per kg x 1,000kg = £5,000

d. Green; £5 per kg x 1,100kg = £5,500

5. Storage:-

a. Rhassoul = 5 X 200kg Sealed Plastic Containers, inside Clay is sealed in clear plastic sheeting

b. White = 1 X 200kg & 2 x 50kg Sealed Plastic Containers, inside Clay is sealed in clear plastic sheeting

c. Red = 5 X 200kg Sealed Plastic Containers, inside Clay is sealed in clear plastic sheeting

d. Green. = 5 X 200kg & 2 X 50kg Sealed Plastic Containers, inside Clay is sealed in clear plastic sheeting

e. Where is it stored? Cool & Dry specialist storage location in Bristol area, 16 x 200kg & 8 x 50kg containers

f. How long has it been stored? Has been stored for 2 years

g. Can arrange UK delivery at cost, or buyer arranges own collection

6. Background to the Clays:-

a. We were in the process of developing a cosmetic company that was going to utilise all 4 clays (along with other added natural components) to sell to the wider cosmetic and beauty industry. Covid and lockdowns happened which changed our focus of direction and gave us different business opportunities that have now superseded this project, to that end this is why we are selling off our stock. More information available should you require it, please feel free to contact me.

b. Proof of purchase, we have all the original Purchase, Packing lists, Transportation, export & Import, customs & Excise, SDS documents from Morocco to the UK.

c. We have 19 Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSR's) of products we were ready to sell using these exact clays as major components.

d. The Header describing 'Set Includes' at the top is referring to some of the benefits of the product, not comes with it, just to be clear.

7. What I want:-

a. This is a 'bulk sale' auction so everything will be sold as a whole, I am willing to consider any viable options please contact me if this the case.

b. I can arrange for samples to be send to you prior to purchase so you can have the opportunity to test the products.

I can arrange personal visits to the storage area so you can view the products and it's packaging personally.

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