SLV Toor Dal

Products : SLV Toor Dal
Suppliers : SLV Food Products
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Made in India
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Category : Toor Dal
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Toor Dal is also a good source of iron. One cup of Toor dal provides around 6-12 percent of the daily iron requirement.
Toor dal, also known as Arhar dal, is a good source of dietary fibre that can help prevent constipation.
and encourage regular bowel movements
Because lentils are a wonderful source of complex carbohydrates, diabetic individuals should incorporate them in their daily diet.
Toor Dal's fibre and protein will keep the stomach full for a longer time, effectively preventing hunger.
Because it is high in Folic Acid, Toor Dal is a must-have for all pregnant women. Folic acid is required for the development of the foetus and may aid in the prevention of neural tube birth abnormalities such as spina bifida.

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