TX21i Infrared Thermometer With Duracell INC 18% GST

Rs 430 / Piece
Products : TX21i Infrared Thermometer With Duracell INC
Suppliers : Tushti International Private Limited
Shipping : Pan India & Abroad
Made in India
Packaging Size : Customize
Category : Infrared Forehead Thermometer
Supplier Type : Manufacture / Exporter
MOQ : 100 Pcs - Rs. 440/-
MOQ : 200 Pcs - Rs. 435/-
MOQ : 300 Pcs - Rs. 430
MRP : Rs.2999/-

A pediatrician-recommended hospital-grade quality thermometer is a must for every home, as well as doctors' offices and hospitals, where normal thermometers must be disinfected after each use. To avoid infection, infrared technology is used to measure temperature without touching it. With a single push of a button, you may get instant and accurate temperature readings.
Extremely simple to use. Low Battery Consumption, Auto Power Shut Off in 7 Seconds Without Any Operation
Babies, adults, senior citizens, and even children can easily measure the temperature. There are two temperature modes: °F and °C. If the temperature rises too high, an alarm will sound.

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