VIP Hair Colour Shampoo, 180ml Brown

Rs 500 / Piece
VIP hair colour shampoo brown is Three-in-One Hair Colour, Conditioner, and Shampoo.

Unique way of colouring your Hair without Gloves, Bowl & Brush set. Can be applied with bare wet hands. Our ammonia free instant shampoo based hair colour does not stick on your hands.

5 in 1 : Can get rid of grey hairs in Beard, Moustache, Head, Chest hair, and Hand hair.

HOW TO USE : Wash your hand thoroughly and pour VIP shampoo hair colour on your WET Palm. Rub till you get rich lather. Apply the lather on your Hair and any other hair like beard or moustache that you wish to Colour. The Application process is similar to application of regular hair shampoo. Wash off your hands with-in 3 Minutes. Wash & Rinse your hair thoroughly in 15 Minutes. You will get a gorgeous looking hair without any grey hair.

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