White Sella Basmati Rice Unpolished( Export Inquiries & Bulk Shipment)

Rs 68900 / Metric Ton
White Sella Basmati Rice Unpolished( Export Inquiries & Bulk Shipment)
Rs 68,900 / Metric Ton

Product Brochure

Type Punjab Basmati
Packaging Type PPR-Bags
Brand Unpolished Basmati Rice or Non Sortexed packing ppr bags
Color Golden
Region Of Origin Punjab
Length As Per Customer Choices
Variety Short-Grain Rice, Long-Grain Rice,Medium-Grain Rice
Packaging Type Available PP Bag, Loose Packing
Calcium Limited
Total Fat Preferred to limits
Packaging Size Packing PPR bags packing 50kgs only
Branded No
Admixture 5%Broken Rice Export quality only
Cuisine Multiple
Cultivation Type Farming simulator
Moisture 10%
Organic Inorganic
Shelf Life 48months
Speciality Indian origin
Texture Long grain
Best Selected Indian origin grain long grain basmati rice Basmati Long grain UNPOLISHED Rice

Furthermore, it create value – added to the rice through combination between cultural innovation using of organic manures, and various types of bio-fertilizers and free from chemical residual . Our package is an innovative idea which packs rice more eco-friendly and valuable.
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