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NIC Code For Class 3311 - Repair of fabricated metal products

This class includes repair and maintenance of fabricated metal products of This class excludes: - repair of central heating systems etc., see 4322 - locksmith services, see 8020

Sub Class Description
33111Repair and maintenance of structural products
33112Repair and maintenance of pipes and pipelines
33113Repair and maintenance of metal tanks, reservoirs, containers, steel shipping drums etc.
33114Repair and maintenance of steam or other vapour generators and auxiliary plant for use with steam generators such as condensers, economizers, superheaters, steam collectors and accumulators
33119Repair and maintenance of other fabricated metal products

National Industrial Classification 2008 (NIC-2008) Code 3311 is used for Repair of fabricated metal products. National Industrial Classification 2008 seeks to provide a basis for the standardized collection, analysis and dissemination of industry (economic activity) wise economic data for India. NIC code id required to obtain Udyog Aadhar or register a Company / LLP in India.