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SAC CODE OF Section 08 - Business and Production Services

SAC GROUP CODE Description
99811Research and experimental development services in natural sciences and engineering.
99812Research and experimental development services in social sciences and humanities.
99813Interdisciplinary research services.
99814Research and development originals
99821Legal services
99822Accounting, auditing and bookkeeping services
99823Tax consultancy and preparation services
99824Insolvency and receivership services
99831Management consulting and management services; information technology services.
99832Architectural services, urban and land planning and landscape architectural services
99833Engineering services
99834Scientific and other technical services
99835Veterinary services
99836Advertising services and provision of advertising space or time.
99837Market research and public opinion polling services
99838Photography & Videography and their processing services
99839Other professional, technical and business services.
99841Telephony and other telecommunications services
99842Internet telecommunications services
99843On-line content services
99844News agency services
99845Library and archive services
99846Broadcasting, programming and programme distribution services
99851Employment services including personnel search/referral service & labour supply service
99852Investigation and security services
99853Cleaning services
99854Packaging services
99855Travel arrangement, tour operator and related services
99859Other support services
99861Support services to agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing
99862Support services to mining
99863Support services to electricity, gas and water distribution
99871Maintenance and repair services of fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment
99872Repair services of other goods
99873Installation services (other than construction)
99881Food, beverage and tobacco manufacturing services
99882Textile, wearing apparel and leather manufacturing services
99883Wood and paper manufacturing services
99884Petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical product manufacturing services
99885Rubber, plastic and other non-metallic mineral product manufacturing service
99886Basic metal manufacturing services
99887Fabricated metal product, machinery and equipment manufacturing services
99888Transport equipment manufacturing services
99889Other manufacturing services
99891Publishing, printing and reproduction services
99892Moulding, pressing, stamping, extruding and similar plastic manufacturing services
99893Casting, forging, stamping and similar metal manufacturing services
99894Materials recovery (recycling) services, on a fee or contract basis