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SAC CODE OF Section 09 - Community, Social & Personal Services and other miscellaneous services

SAC GROUP CODE Description
99911Administrative services of the government
99912Public administrative services provided to the community as a whole
99913Administrative services related to compulsory social security schemes.
99921Pre-primary education services
99922Primary education services
99923Secondary Education Services
99924Higher education services
99925Specialised education services
99929Other education & training services and educational support services
99931Human health services
99932Residential care services for the elderly and disabled
99933Other social services with accommodation
99934Social services without accommodation for the elderly and disabled
99935Other social services without accommodation
99941Sewerage, sewage treatment and septic tank cleaning services
99942Waste collection services
99943Waste treatment and disposal services
99944Remediation services
99945Sanitation and similar services
99951Services furnished by business, employers and professional organizations Services
99952Services furnished by trade unions
99959Services furnished by other membership organizations
99961Audiovisual and related services
99962Performing arts and other live entertainment event presentation and promotion services
99963Services of performing and other artists
99964Museum and preservation services
99965Sports and recreational sports services
99966Services of athletes and related support services
99969Other amusement and recreational services
99971Washing, cleaning and dyeing services
99972Beauty and physical well-being services
99973Funeral, cremation and undertaking services
99979Other miscellaneous services
99980Domestic services
99990Services provided by extraterritorial organizations and bodies.