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Founded in 2005, Denizli Kablo offers a quality service with its customer-oriented approach We continue our activities with prestigious companies in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. We offer you the best service with our solution-oriented staff. Denizli Kablo stands behind every product it sells as well as its meticulousness in the supply of raw materials and materials used in production. Our Mission Maximizing customer satisfaction while meeting the product and service expectations of all our customers in the international market. As a cable manufacturer open to innovation and developments, our activities are to fulfill our responsibilities to improve the quality of life of people. Denizli Kablo is at the international quality level with its laboratory capable of testing international standards. Our Aim *To meet customer demands and needs above the specified level. *To establish mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and customers. *To continuously improve our performance and to maintain the trust and quality we have achieved in the current market conditions. *To produce in accordance with national and international standards. Please , visit our website and communicate freely with us.


Ticaret Odası Blv. No:5-5/B, Turgutlu Industrial Zone - Manisa, Turgutlu Industrial Zone - Manisa, 45400, Turkey

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