Trademark Class 24 : Textiles Goods

Summary Of Goods Which Are Classified Under Trademark Class 24

Textiles and textile goods, not included in other classes; bed and table covers.

NOTE: It is very important to select the right trademark class while filing the trademark application.

Listed below is comprehensive list of goods classified under trademark class 24

Goods Name
adhesive fabric for application by heat
fabric, impervious to gases, for aeronautical balloons
fabric of imitation animal skins
upholstery fabrics
bath linen, except clothing
banners of textile or plastic
billiard cloth
bolting cloth
textile material
canvas for tapestry or embroidery
trellis [cloth]
hemp fabric
hemp cloth
hat linings, of textile, in the piece
lining fabric for footwear
fabric for footwear
table runners, not of paper
cheviots [cloth]
oilcloth for use as tablecloths
cotton fabrics
bed covers
coverlets [bedspreads]
mattress covers
tick [linen]
bed covers of paper
tablecloths, not of paper
travelling rugs [lap robes]
crepe [fabric]
lingerie fabric
linings [textile]
sheets [textile]
flags of textile or plastic
bunting of textile or plastic
eiderdowns [down coverlets]
elastic woven material
curtain holders of textile material
glass cloths [towels]
traced cloths for embroidery
traced cloth for embroidery
flannel [fabric]
frieze [cloth]
cheese cloth
bath mitts
gauze [cloth]
gummed cloth, other than for stationery purposes
haircloth [sackcloth]
covers [loose] for furniture
loose covers for furniture
silk fabrics for printing patterns
printed calico cloth
jersey [fabric]
jute fabric
woollen cloth
woollen fabric
linen cloth
bed linen
diapered linen
table linen, not of paper
household linen
towels of textile
marabouts [cloth]
ticks [mattress covers]
furniture coverings of plastic
coverings of plastic for furniture
table napkins of textile
serviettes of textile
moleskin [fabric]
handkerchiefs of textile
mosquito nets
plastic material [substitute for fabrics]
door curtains
ramie fabric
rayon fabric
curtains of textile or plastic
face towels of textile
silk [cloth]
esparto fabric
taffeta [cloth]
knitted fabric
net curtains
zephyr [cloth]
coasters of textile
tablemats of textile
non-woven textile fabrics
sleeping bag liners
cloths for removing make-up
labels of textile
wall hangings of textile
tapestry [wall hangings], of textile
fibreglass fabrics for textile use
fiberglass fabrics for textile use
filtering materials of textile
printers' blankets of textile
chenille fabric
pillow shams
place mats of textile
bed blankets
covers for cushions
fabrics for textile use
furniture coverings of textile
fitted toilet lid covers of fabric
shower curtains of textile or plastic
diaper changing cloths for babies
blankets for household pets
sleeping bags for babies
baby buntings
sleeping bags
bed valances
cot bumpers [bed linen]
crib bumpers [bed linen]
muslin fabric
bivouac sacks being covers for sleeping bags
picnic blankets