Trademark Class 38 : Telecommunications Services

Summary Of Services Which Are Classified Under Trademark Class 38


NOTE: It is very important to select the right trademark class while filing the trademark application.

Listed below is comprehensive list of services classified under trademark class 38

Services Name
radio broadcasting
message sending
television broadcasting
transmission of telegrams
telegraph services
communications by telegrams
telephone services
communications by telephone
telex services
news agency services
cable television broadcasting
communications by cellular phones
communications by computer terminals
computer aided transmission of messages and images
transmission of electronic mail
facsimile transmission
information about telecommunication
paging services [radio, telephone or other means of electronic communication]
rental of message sending apparatus
communications by fibre optic networks
communications by fiber optic networks
rental of facsimile apparatus
rental of modems
rental of telecommunication equipment
rental of telephones
satellite transmission
electronic bulletin board services [telecommunications services]
providing telecommunications connections to a global computer network
telecommunications routing and junction services
teleconferencing services
providing user access to global computer networks
rental of access time to global computer networks
providing telecommunication channels for teleshopping services
providing internet chatrooms
providing access to databases
voice mail services
transmission of greeting cards online
transmission of digital files
wireless broadcasting
videoconferencing services
providing online forums
streaming of data
radio communications
video-on-demand transmission